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Palm Beach Life Extension Inc.

Area of Service:  United States



11000 Prosperity Farms Road,  Suite 301

Palm Beach Gardens

1-800-617-1131 x206

561-209-0322 fax


My name is Doug and I’m a patient care coordinator here at Palm Beach Life Extension.  Our services will help you make the first step in the right direction towards better health, energy, and performance.  We offer many doctor supervised hormone replacement programs that have been designed to safely replenish and replace your body's own production of the major hormones, delivering the results you want. 

Contact me if you have any question or want to get started. Fill out the medical history form, by clicking on the picture above, to get started. Scroll down for more information.

Best regards,

Doug Bunker


                                                                                                Thank you for your interest in our website:


Palm Beach Life Extension is a fully licensed medical clinic specializing in anti-aging and rejuvenating medicine. At the center we take a hormone replacement approach to health. PBLE provides physician guided and monitored programs utilizing (HGH) human growth hormone and testosterone. We have a physician on staff full time for consultation and review of all medical questions and files. We also have a fully trained staff of therapy counselors to answer any questions you might have. We are dedicated to treating each patient individually with a common outcome, that is to treat the symptoms of the aging process with appropriate prescription and non-prescription products geared towards each patient’s particular needs, expectations, medical history, and current blood test results. All pharmaceuticals are dispensed by U.S.


What are the Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy?


        9% Increase in lean muscle after six months 

        14% Reduction in body fat after six months 

        Increased strength and endurance

        Enhanced sexual performance

        Increased exercise capacity

        Increased energy and reduced fatigue

        Eliminates cellulite

        Reversed the effects of aging

        Reduced stress level

        Reduction of the appearance of wrinkles 

        Thickening of hair with a shiny and healthy appearance

        Enhanced immune system function

        Lowered blood pressure and cholesterol

        Reversed heart disease, atherosclerosis
and arteriosclerosis

        Reversed osteoporosis

        Improved kidney function

        Accelerated wound healing

        Improved memory retention and cognitive

        Improved sleep and vision

        Reversed muscle wasting

        Prevented chronic, degenerative
neurological disease

        Enhanced brain function  

Palm Beach Life Extension is licensed to prescribe to patients in all 50 states. All monitoring is done by lab work and phone consultations. The following blood work and physical exam is required for therapy. This exam can be done with your local physician, you just have to provide a copy of all results along with a photocopy of your I.D. We also have a mobile medic lab service ,(Physicians Advantage, Inc)  that will come to you at your convenience to perform the exam.   


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11000 Prosperity Farms Road suite 301
Palm Beach Gardens  FL  33410

Name: Douglas P. Bunker Phone: 800-617-1131 ext 206

Hours of Operation

9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday